This is the registration form for reserved access to the 1ST PAT-RN’s 2021 spring/summer collection, hereinafter defined as “site”.

Please read the following terms and conditions of use carefully. These must be accepted in full and govern the use of the site and its contents.

1. The site is not intended to be a sales or e-commerce site, but rather the purpose of the site is to allow the professionals listed under point 2 to view the collection and complete the “order proposal”, as specified in the HOW TO ORDER section, which can only be accessed after registration.
In this regard, it is clearly specified that this site is not intended for the direct sale of products, thus it is not subject to the rules that govern e-commerce sites or online sales.
No product is sold through the site, just as none of the products that can be viewed can be purchased individually.

2. Access is permitted only upon registration and acceptance of these terms and conditions and exclusively to professionals with a VAT number or operating in the clothing and accessories retail sector. This condition must be clearly visible from the name and category of the VAT number.
Anyone accessing the site will be referred to thereafter as “user”.

3. Access to sales agents, wholesalers and all persons other than those listed under point 1 is not permitted.

4. All required fields must be completed.

5. After the submission of data, Tailor Spec. S.R.L. reserves the right to approve or deny access. If access is approved, access credentials valid for only one working session will be sent, otherwise it will not be possible to access the site.

6. The working session has a limited duration which will be communicated together with the access credentials, after which, it will no longer be possible to access the site for any reason.

7. The use of the site is explained in the HOW TO ORDER section, which can only be accessed after you have received the access data.

8. Tailor Spec. S.R.L. holds all rights on the site and, at its sole discretion, reserves the right to deny access, to extend site access time and any other action related to viewing site content.

9. The use of photographs and any content found on the site, including text, descriptions, etc. is prohibited. Any violations in this regard will be prosecuted in accordance with the law. By registering on the site and accessing it, the user, having accepted the terms and conditions of access to the site, declares to have understood this point and assumes all responsibility in this regard.