Imagine a spring day or a summer evening, the sun warms and illuminates with its rays, a light breeze enters through the window.

The look book for the SS23 season has been designed to let our products experience these sensations.

The colors of the fabrics soften, and take on warm and saturated tones, bringing back travels, and explorations with exotic backgrounds, we have filtered them with a skillful play of warm lights, which will make you relive the thrill of travel.

A collection based on a series of entirely new styles, which renew the 1ST PAT-RN proposal in an extraordinary way, defining unique and functional pieces, without frills: this is why we have entitled it UTILITY SPECIFICATIONS

New jackets designed for the traveler, paired with multi-pocket trousers inspired by our archives. The new CHINO BLAZER rewrites the concept of an “unstructured” jacket by reviving the feeling of a vintage chino on outerwear.

Over-shirts produced on military-derived fabrics, modernized by organic cotton fibers, become the symbolic garment of the collection and can be worn over a simple t-shirt or over a shirt, but also under a jacket.

The 365DXY philosophy is renewed in this collection, where the individual pieces take on a very high value because they can be used all year round, in a layering game that has always identified 1ST PAT-RN: what we call the true value of a product.

New multifunctional shirts, which can also be used as an overshirt, complete the offer. 

Therefore, the collection’s strength is that of a product with a true objective value, given by the quality, details, design, and manufacturing in the territory, always attentive to sustainability with respect for workers, manufacturing process, and avoiding overproduction, one of the most polluting elements in nowadays fashion system.

The model is 182 cm. Chest 87 cm. Waist 66 cm. Hip 94 cm.
He wear size L in all the products

SS 2023