AW2022-23: OUR WORLD

The “world” of 1ST PAT-RN is constantly changing and, while it stays true to itself and its history, it continues to evolve at the same time.

The AW22-23 collection embodies one of our fundamental beliefs: that the value of the product is not dictated by the brand or its price, but by tangible and intangible factors, which are an integral part of the collection:

Fit, craftsmanship, fabrics, construction, details, buttons, labels, design, brand philosophy, work ethic, respect for the customer, research, innovation, independence, consistency, continuity, usability.

These are some of the factors that, in our view, give a product its true value and these aspects are what the new AW22-23 collection is built on.

We are focused more and more on conveying “our world” and this value.

The AW22-23 collection marks the culmination of three specific concepts that, together, form the backbone of the project, emphasising the multifunctional nature of a collection from which customers can select pieces that, due to their very nature, work together and blend perfectly without fit, colour or use constraints: every piece is designed to be paired freely with another.

The model is 182 cm. Chest 87 cm. Waist 66 cm. Hip 94 cm.

He wear L is all the products, and M in Carpenter HBT jacket and Peak reversible shirt.

AW 2022-23

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