Fabric has always been the most important element to consider when we design a collection. Fabric research is the foundation on which we build the entire design and production process for our garments.
The textiles we use change depending on the various types of garments to be made and are designed to offer the customer a hand feel and performance that complete the product design, but not only this: they come from our constant research into vintage garments from our archives and from collaborations with the most important knit manufacturers.

Accessories are also key: labels, buttons and zips are all part of the product manufacturing process and distinguish those tangible – and at times intangible – details that make every single piece special.

For us it is crucial that we tell you about our relationship with fabric.

Double twisted tricotine

Double twisted tricotine is distinguished by its slightly textured, diagonal rib.
Based on the very dense twill weave, it confers distinctive performance in terms of compactness and we often find it used in military garments with good durability and outstanding breathability.
In our case, this fabric has been redefined with a modern twist starting from a 60s field jacket, with a European military background, which is currently held in our archives.
This fabric is made in Italy.

“Technical” nylon/pima cotton poplin

This fabric represents the fusion between extra-long staple “pima” cotton – one of the finest in the world – with a very fine technical nylon. While the pima cotton makes the fabric soft, fine and cool, the nylon guarantees incredible comfort thanks to its quick-dry properties and elevated breathability, yet also modernises a fabric that was created from research into first-generation military poplin, giving it an extremely sophisticated hand.
This fabric is made in Japan.

“Superlibertadores” Gabardine

Starting with a classic twill weave, we developed a very compact fabric with exceptional sheen. The twisted yarn provides a very fine feel.
It reminds us of the old raincoats from the 60s or even some windbreakers that were used in the 1920s, when these highly defined fabric structures guaranteed exceptional technical performance.
As it is piece dyed, and thus features extremely vibrant colour rich in nuances, we offer only one “in-house” wash that gives it a more matte aesthetic, but sometimes we like to present it without a wash treatment to leave its sheen intact.
This fabric is made in Italy.

Technical “tactical wool”

Designed for the traveller who needs a practical and sophisticated fabric and for urban and outdoor use thanks to its extreme lightness.
Made from pure wool with 2% elastomer to guarantee comfort, or from 100% wool depending on the types, it is treated to ensure a certain degree of water repellency and wrinkle resistance and maintains it exceptional breathability. If the washing instructions are followed, the treatment can last up to three-four washes.
This fabric is made in Portugal.

Knit Cavalry

Designed as always with the aim of achieving the kinds of textiles that are somewhere between a knit and woven fabric, we have developed this diagonal rib fabric that offers exceptional comfort.
Made in limited quantities, it is perfect for wearing during the summer, as, although very compact, its structure provides outstanding breathability.
This fabric is made in Italy.

Printed and woven labels

All the labels we use are made in Italy on shuttle looms. We use trilobal yarns that look like old sartorial labels, which have been carefully designed from those found in our archives, or we create irregular weaves that resemble the labels from the 50s/60s, which can be found on old work apparel.
Even our size and composition labels are made with these characteristics, unlike other companies that use cheap, low-quality labels.
All our labels are made in Italy.


We only use buttons made from real horn, real corozo and real mother-of-pearl.
In the case of the brass “shank” buttons seen on our blazers, we work with the same company that supplies the Italian Navy and many international military corps.
All our buttons are made in Italy.


We work with brass zips with the “zip-pull” cut directly from the metal sheet, which come from our research into and respect for military equivalents found on the garments in our archive. The tape is made only from the best quality cotton.
All our zips are made in Italy.