“Travel does not always mean moving from one place to another”

For a designer, inspiration does not always arise solely from travel and their experiences.

2020 saw us working in a way that perhaps we may never have expected: staying put, prevented from traveling.

Thus, there had never been a better time to return to creating.

Yes, because creating is a journey that is embarked upon with our imaginations first and foremost and it is only if you have been
doing it forever that you can also do it at the most difficult of times.

The actual journey can also be a journey through time: or better put, through our memories, our experiences, through our lives
or an imagined future.

The 1ST PAT-RN A/W 2021 started from here.

From introspection and imagined travel.

Cristiano Berto, Silvia Piccin – Follina, December 2020

(from the presentation video of the AW 2021 collection)

The collection has been inspired by the distinctive way of dressing found in rural, mountain settings, which require apparel that provide functionality, protection and an ability to adapt, yet this is not a collection that simply replicates the style of certain garments, but rather their philosophy of use and the textile philosophy

“All worn in a mismatched way without any intention of pairing colours or textures”

“meticulously reproducing the stitches, weights, colours and proportions of the heavy pullovers worn by these central-south asian shepherds or by the farmers from our region.Tops that seem to have come from the past, yet which today have become modern for exactly that reason”

Thus our job was to attempt to bring these individual pieces back into coordinated “disorder”, so that the elements of mismatched dressing could instead form, in our interpretation, orderly style