The SS22 collection is carrying forward a now established feature of the collection: that of producing exclusive fabrics in collaboration with outstanding local weaving mills and, at the same time, presenting an exclusive and utterly unique capsule collection.

It all stems from two clear guiding principles.

The first concerns honing and redefining the aesthetic priorities of the brand and offering new concepts, while also ensuring coherency with our tradition we called this: The International Trad.

The second concerns reinterpreting a concept that has already been explored in the original collections through a new lens: denim.

Please allow us to introduce UTILITY SPEC. “THIS IS NOT A DENIM PRODUCT”

Cristiano Berto, Silvia Piccin – Follina, March 2022

"The International Trad" stands for our own personal interpretation of the basic garments of a man's wardrobe and style which cannot be generically defined or be subjected to specific rules.Be it a navy blazer, a field jackets or an oversize shirt.All we set out to do is re-interpret these items in a modern, elegant, comfortable way in a manner that is perhaps not been attempted before, starting from our library, archives and personal experience.

In 1ST PAT-RN the Navy Blazer it is OUR STANDARD

"Layering different weights, different fibers, different garments, we can guarantee a wide use of the products, adapting them to the climatic conditions."

UTILITY SPEC. is an original and innovative project both in its textile concept and in its product design.

It takes a diagonal weave known as “serge” as its starting point, where we have woven cotton and hemp yarns to invent a fabric with an aesthetic that we could call “denim”, yet which in actual fact is not.

And that is the key detail: the conceptual rewriting of denim, which transforms it into a modern and innovative vision.

The design process starts with iconic pieces and reworks them to give them a minimalist edge: it’s not about merely “taking away” but rather of “giving more meaning”.The new styles are minimalist, yet also “expressive”.The asymmetry becomes a point of reference, yet when we pair the styles and layer them, symmetry is created with the pockets and functions.