All the sizes on the measurements tables are expressed in cm.

The first step in purchasing our products is knowing how to take measurements because this aspect is crucial to understand if a product fits the way you want: to do this we have created a diagram that helps you in taking the correct measurements for each garment.

Please follow only this method and if you have any doubts, contact us.

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1ST PAT-RN’s style is comfortable and relaxed, interpreted through fabrics that best pair with the design of our garments.

Our fits have become the icons of the brand and we have a high grade of satisfaction from our customers.
Often the same styles are worn without distinction of gender and we love this freedom of interpretation which has, in some ways, become our calling card.

We believe that everyone should be free to wear the garments that they love, without being rigidly tied to sizes or predefined measurements. That is why we created a look book of the clothing when it is worn – which you can browse on our site – where we have represented our take on our style: you can get inspiration from those images to better understand the fit of our products.

The male model is about 186 cm tall and in the photo wears a size M for the trousers and a size M for the outerwear and shirts, while the vests are a size M (in some case, as shown in the picture descriptions, he could wear a jacket in size L)
The female model, on the other hand, is about 170 cm tall and wears a size S.

However, every product on the site comes with a measurement table based on the measurements of the finished garments from a few samples of the same style and model taken at the quality control stage.

We are extremely attentive to the measurements of the garments, yet despite this, due to the specific tolerance in the textile sector that we can estimate in 1 cm. plus or less, the type of fabric, the treatment, the consistency of the fabric and the dye, there could be slight variations.

Always try on garments that you already own, comparing the measurements with our own, and you will be able to get a better idea if our pieces will fit your body to avoid mistakes that will incur costs for return shipments, and so on.

We, therefore, invite you to always read the size charts, but above all to understand our product philosophy regarding fit: the first step towards the great satisfaction of wearing one of our garments.

If you have any doubts about measurements and the fit of products and need more information, please write to

Thanks for taking the time to read this